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Bridges, Barns, and Beautiful Landscapes of Southern Indiana

I recently traveled to southern Indiana to visit my sister and her family. I do a lot of international travel (well I used to pre-pandemic) and that is truly wonderful. But the truth is the good ole USA has some seriously beautiful places. Too many to be seen in the amount of time we are allotted in our busy schedules. That is for sure. So I try to take advantage of family visits, especially when that family lives in such a breathtaking place. This installment on my travel blog highlights barns (one of my very favorite photo subjects) and bridges (another!) I hope you enjoy and feel the peace that exudes from these places and spaces in rural southern Indiana. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.


Matthew E. Welsh Memorial Bridge

Hayswood Nature Reserve Corydon, IN

Breeden’s Bridge Leavenworth, IN

This old iron bridge consists of two different type of truss spans, which were made in different years, and also, both spans originated from two different locations. “The spans were relocated to their present location in 1959. The Parker Truss span is 400′ long and was constructed in 1900. The Pratt Truss span was constructed in 1883 and is reported to be the oldest of its type in Indiana. The bridge sits in O’Bannon Woods State Park about three miles south of Leavenworth, IN on an old logging road off old Hwy 62.”

Beautiful Landscapes of the Ohio River Valley

Villers Abbey Belgium

Today Villers Abbey is a ruin, but a stunning ruin at that. As you walk around this medieval place, you can certainly imagine what a glorious and influential site it must have been when it was built in 1146. It is one of the most preserved Abbey ruins in Europe, since it features remnants of each building that was used daily.

“This extensive monastic complex constructed in the 13th century is an evocative memorial to the small Cistercian community which initially settled here in 1146. Within two centuries of its founding, the monastery had become a wealthy landowner with more than three thousand brothers, 100 monks and an abbot running a large estate of more than 100 square kilometres.”

Wallonia Belgium Tourism

In the summer of 2017, we were fortunate enough to be able to travel to this beautiful place and have my daughter Katie’s high school senior pictures taken there. To that end, the photo creds for the first gallery here belong to my wonderful and talented friend Catherine. You can find more of her work here: She lives in Arkansas now, and would love to accommodate your photo needs. The second gallery you’ll find below are pictures taken by me on the same day!

I hope you enjoy these photos, and I hope it inspires you to perhaps go the long way around, the next time you are in Europe, en route to Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris. Just take a short detour to this lovely monument of history and beauty on your way. You won’t regret it.