Paris Gems: Sainte-Chapelle

Until the 14th century, the kings of France took up residence officially in the Palais de Cité along the Seine River in Paris, on the Île de la Cité. The Kings’ Royal chapel within the Palais, was Sainte Chapelle. Construction on the chapel roughly began around 1238 and was completed roughly in 1248. It was … Continue reading Paris Gems: Sainte-Chapelle

One Week in Paris

Because most of us in this world are mandated shelter in place right now due to COVID-19. Yes indeed, what a perfect time for us to dream and plan our next vacation. We CAN do that.. Alors, Voila! My contribution to your Paris dream as you plan a first visit. Or, maybe you are like me and have longed to be your loved one’s personal guide to this iconic city. In either case….